Monday, June 7, 2010

That "Couple" showing "Love"

So what do Y'ALL think?!

I mean, I'm not OK with the situation AT ALL with Swizzy & Alicia.  And y'all PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong...First, "Ms. Independent", "Ms. I Am Woman" Alicia comes in between a MARRIED couple, Mashonda & Swizzy, NOT COOL! Then not only are Swizzy & Alicia seen in public together BEFORE the divorce is final, it's MORE than PDA....Alicia gets PREGNANT (see video above) 4 months along as a matter of fact.  To ME, that's just dirty!  I feel like, if you look up HOME-WRECKER in the dictionary...there is Alicia with a big smile on her face, giving the thumbs up LOL!  PLEEEEASE tell me if I'm wrong, I enjoy a great conversation/debate, it's all in GOOD FUN ladies & gents!


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

If he's still married to Mashonda, then HELL YEAH this is wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!! I'm hearing that she won't sign the divorce papers and yada, yada, yada...I feel like this: If you clearly are showing me that you don't want me, eff you and I'm ready to sign those papers (Usher voice). It is so stupid to hold on to something or someone when they clearly don't want to be held. At the same time, Alicia could've used better judgment....dealing with someone who is married is NOT a good look! Damn she couldn't wait for those official divorce documents before she got knocked up? C'mon son! This is just all too much to deal with. You reap what you if Swizz leaves her ass for someone else, she can't say she didn't see it coming.

T-Charry said...

i LOVE your thoughts always keep me reading and reading girl! And my thoughts EXACTLY!

xxxx said...

this is how i feel and i dont care what anyone says. whether he and mashonda was separated or not they are still MARRIED.. people make a joke of commitment now a days and its sickening. I love alicia keys i really do, and this situation does not take away from her talent, but she aint shit for what she did. as a woman you never cross another woman like that. i dont give a fuck what swizz told her. God bless the both of them cause they foul as hell. The way you get them is the way you lose them.. He will not stay with her, he will do the same thing to her, we all know Swizz is notorious for that shit anyway. You sing about being a superwoman, and "jane does" (first album) trying to steal your place but you went and did the same damn thing..What are your morals and your values.. What do you stand for?!?! smh.. its a mess.. She cant really control the pregnancy part but she still should have used better judgement. God bless them all

T-Charry said...

ok so, seeing them at the BET Awards together, I was like WOW! I mean Alicia looked GORGEOUS, but them kissing and showing all this love, it's just baffling to me, the whole situation...*smh*....oh Alicia....I don't know how long to give it after she has that baby, but I'mma pray for them, or rather her....craziness!

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