Sunday, June 6, 2010

"The Great Eight" & Sin City

of COURSE I was the photographer on a lot of these, BUT i didn't mind, that's what I do...
GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! all up and DOWN The Strip LoL! And I KNOW y'all see my girl @AsForAmy on the right w/ the cards...check out her blog !!!

I SWEAR we spent like 2 hours at this make-up counter in Planet Hollywood hotel...the make-up artist was either HIGH or DRUNK, but she wanted to make us over SO bad, so we let her DUH!  She didn't get in till 7 AM that morning from partying and had to be to work for 10 AM *smh*

you couldn't tell us NOTHIN'...."TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL!"

this place (see above) was our DAILY spot for our dose of "liquid courage"
damn near EVERY daiquiri flavor had Bacardi 151 mixed in it...NICE!
then to top it off, you could get an EXTRA test tube shot of 151 for JUST $1...LOVE IT!!!

NO this is NOT Snookie from Jersey Shore...she's just some RANDOM, DRUNK child walking on the strip, "White Boy Wasted" EARLY in the afternoon...she pulled a Britney Spears with those DIRTY ASS FEET! And that swimsuit was TRASH...a HOT MESS all IN her ass!!!

at this point....our daiquiris had kicked in LMAO!!!

our LOVELY hotel...The Excalibur...a NICE place to lay our heads, THANKS DAD!!!

Las Vegas heat & alcohol DO NOT MIX...*smh* "The Great Eight" did it BIG!!!


Marlene said...

OMG.. I thought that chick had shoes on her feet..OMG that is freaking HILARIOUS!! That is just some nasty SH**!!!

xxxx said...

first time i went i stayed at the exaclibur second time i stayed in the middle of the strip..excalibur is cool to rest your head. i didnt know there was a fat tuesday there.. oh yeah and i stayed drunk the entire time i was there on both trips..that vegas heat is the devil

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