*waving* HI! Hey! How y'all doin'?

I'm Charis a.k.a. Chay Chay....and this is my blog
Wondering where I got the name from?!  My girls actually started calling me "Mizz Scoop"
in our daily emails, cause I would ALWAYS come with the latest gossip, news, pretty much ANYTHING!

I am a social ADDICT, y'all just DON'T understand...

Some facts about ME:
I am a Daddy's Girl to the FULLEST
Music is ME
Call me a Social Butterfly
Give me Sour Patch Watermelons and I am a HAPPY CAMPER
Ray Allen is my "Celebrity boo"
I am the ULTIMATE Dallas Cowboys fan...YUP!
I believe I'm borderline OCD lol
i ALWAYS keep my faith, NO MATTER WHAT

so...I can't tell y'all EVERYTHING about me, I gotta keep SOME of it a secret
And anyways, my blog will DEFINITELY help you figure out my personality
why kinda girl I AM : )


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