Monday, February 8, 2010 does this, it hurts

how I feel now.....

how I NEVER want to feel...

I sit & cry, and cry, and cry....but I shouldn't be crying, I really shouldn't.
it happens to often to where I start to question & think maybe I DID something wrong.
I know it should NEVER come to this, EVER!
I mean our love is SO deep, I know it is, so does he, or else I wouldn't be feeling this way.
I just don't get it, I'm supposed to be the one he can come to for anything.
I'm supposed to be the one he can open up to...
I'm not like the "others", I won't do him dirty, I appreciate a good man, & that's what he is.
The questioning in our relationship should be GONE out the window.
I'm to the point where I will do WHATEVER it takes to keep him, to SHOW him this is REAL!
This is not like your past boo!  Wake up and SEE THIS!
I don't do what I do for you because I HAVE to, I do it, from the heart, because I LOVE YOU!
We may be 600+ miles away, but WHO GIVES a damn!
That's our test, that's what's supposed to keep us strong.
Don't they say, "Patience is a virtue"? Or "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"?!
Hear me babe when I say, I LOVE YOU!
Stop pushing me away, I am hear for YOU, for US!
I wish you would see that!
I can't deal with another broken heart, I just can't....
All I ask you to do is LOVE ME!
LOVE ME like in the beginning and do it all the time.
you need me....I need you...and YOU know it.
love "Hunny"


Supastarrr said...

=/ I hope your situation works out! He'll learn to trust you. Love && trust go hand in hand.

Juliana said...

Oh babe...reaching through this vast blogsphere and giving you the biggest hug ever!

Iva said...

ohmygosh!! I AM SO SORRY!!! ACK. heartache is just so hard. Please stay strong.

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