Thursday, November 19, 2009

i HATE you too! (a MUST read)

I was peepin' over at Bossip, always interesting over there in those parts, and I came across a VERY interesting post...TOP 10 THINGS MEN HATE ABOUT WOMEN...y'all have GOT to read this.  Now Bossip DID give us a chance to speak first, about what aggravates us about men, but I don't care about that, LoL! I wanna hear what just urks them SO BAD! So here they are ladies, the TOP 5 first...

I hate a nagging a** female. Women who are always on my back and yip-yapping about how wrong I do every little thing really pi**es me off. Like she’ll ask you to do something and she’s standing over your shoulder critiquing you and telling you how to do what she asked you to do. Then halfway dismiss you to try and do it herself. Then she’ll get sensitive when I snap back like “let me do this! Didn’t you ask me to do this? Shut up!” Ladies, don’t fuss! - Brandon, 27

I can’t stand a frontin’ a** woman! In the beginning a woman will cook, clean, workout. Keep her body on point, all of that! She’ll get you excited and tell you all the things she’ll do to keep her man happy and at home and once she got you, she stops trying! She’s eating oreos and ice cream at midnight, picking up fast food for dinner, ain’t seen her hit the gym since we made this thing official. Don’t sell a dream! If you don’t like to cook, say that! If you really not the outdoorsy/ go hard in the gym girl, don’t fake it, ma! - Jonathan, 30

A dirty female is a major turn-off. I can’t stand no nasty woman. If you nasty then let me know up front. I was really digging this girl and whenever I would go over to her place, it was very clean and neat everything was in place. I thought she was almost too clean. Then she switched it on me. Man, we kicked it for about three or four months and the more and more I saw her, the more careless she got. So I was like okay, I want to see how dirty she will let her place get. Wow. She had a thick black ring in the shower, toilet was dirty with splatter stains and the kitchen?! Brah, I knew she was too good to be true. - Tre, 32
I hate when women try to match a man’s strength and strong arm you, swing at you, throw punches at you … that’s unladylike. I had this one girl who would get violent and aggressive or try to evoke emotion out of me whenever I said something she wasn’t feeling. She would just start swinging, biting, name-calling all that sh*t. What I’mma do? Get my a** beat? No. I’m not going to beat on a woman and so a woman won’t beat on me. You talk about a double standard, when you pin her down and tell her a** to calm down, she want to go call the police and play the victim. Thats’ a woman for you. - Lionel, 36

Jealous women make life hard. I was with this chick for a while and the more time we spent together, the more jealous she became. I would be at the coffee shop on the phone with her and she’d hear a female in the background and she would make a smart remark like, “why were you flirting wit her? Was she cute?” Or if I worked late, I’m banging my co-worker. If we have an argument, I’m cheating. At the restaurant, “I saw you looking at the waitress’s booty, you want to f**k her, huh?” She was just outlandish. She’s also giving me all the leeway to do those things. - Marcus, 27

so ladies...what do y'all think? I mean are we REALLY that bad? what's YOUR explanation as to WHY we may do these things? LET ME KNOW...speak on it!


Moni @ CL Journal said...

You know, I would argue these point, but EVERY item on this list, I have witnessed a woman who fit this description.

The nasty woman description I keep hearing about time and time again through friends and family. I have to say, I'm disturbed by that accusation the most. Everyone cannot be Martha Stewart, but really, splatter stains?!

Men need to keep looking like we women need to keep looking. Eventually you will find the right one.

Supastarrr said...

I agree with this shit.
Especially the frontin issue. you can't switch it up once you're in a relationship...that would be annoying.
I get where they are coming from.

carissa said...

nah i agree with it. some women are like this and if i were a guy ii would b pissed too.

T-Charry said...

all these points that theses men are making, I HAVE seen them before...and it IS trifling, you can't just FALL OFF when you get the "good man" cause he WILL go and find someone else...

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

I think some women do fall into these categories unfortunately. I can see where the fellas are coming from with this. smh.

~Nina of AF

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