Thursday, November 19, 2009

somethin' SAVORY to drink...

GO AHEAD! try it with a little cornbread dressing, green bean casserole, & a bit of cranberry sauce... YUM-OH!
Jones Pure Cane Soda, in celebration of Thanksgiving, has created a LIMITED EDITION Tofu Turkey & Gravy Soda...TOTALLY vegan....& TOTALLY DISGUSTING in my opinion, EEEEWWW!


MalibuMara said...

haha i post this every year on thanksgiving,
i never tried it but i have tired jones soda in general,
its pretty good.

Supastarrr said...

ewww. i can't respect that hustle, jones.

T-Charry said...

I've never had Jones soda, but the OTHER flavors DO look good...but THIS?! this is just NASTY!

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