Monday, February 28, 2011

DFW Blogger 1st event!!!

I started the year off right, as far as MizzScoop is concerned...I went to my FIRST blogger event, DFW Bloggers MeetUp!  Beautiful ladies, doing beautiful things with their blogs, it was a BLAST!!!

We WERE going to dine at La Duni, BUT they wanted to act a little funny with us...
We POLITELY took our business, money, & HUGE appetites to 
it was JUST as nice, and the atmosphere & decor I LOVED...our waiter Don was AWESOME too!

Brunch specialty...BOTTOMLESS bellinis AND mimosas.  I WENT with the bellinis and they were SO GOOD.  Not to sound like a lush or anything, but girl talk along with food..I didn't even NOTICE that I enjoyed a good 3 of them LoL!

a HUGE thanks to our LOVELY hostess, Ms. Kileen of Cute & Little
she did a wonderful job of putting together such a great Saturday event

Ms. Ivonna shared her french toast...the berry compote & hot syrup were DELISH on top!

I'm trying to bring out the "foodie" in my, so I stepped WAY outside of my box & went with the 
Cibus Benedict, which was:

Two Poached Eggs on a Grilled Polenta cake / Lump Crabmeat Topped with a Creamy Parmesan Sauce Served with Sautéed Spinach / Roasted Potatoes...I added mushrooms, LOVE THEM!

....on such a BEAUTIFUL afternoon, the sun was just a shining!!! 

and now, off to the Dior makeover part of the day...they had the tables all set up for us, demonstrations ready, SO many products for pretty much ANY and everything, and EVEN the red was REALLY nice!

not only did we get a FREE makeover, got to play with everything, experiment a little here, and a little there, we ALL got a $25 gift card, which OF COURSE was the BEST PART of the day...RIGHT LADIES?! : )
So what did I GET?!

Dior DiorShow Mascara in Black...and I LOVE IT, I mean mascara is a MUST in my make-up bag...
keeps the eyes poppin' ALL day, EVERY day!!!

OVERALL, as you can see, the DFW Blogger MeetUp was GREATNESS...I met some LOVELY ladies, ate some GOOD food, and laughed & smiled the WHOLE time...



Angga said...

oh I love your photos!! it's nice meeting you on weekend :-)

elizabeth said...

Sounds like a great year, and you look so pretty!!!

Chay Chay said...

it was AWESOME meeting you too Angga sweetie, look forward to another meeting : )

Elizabeth....thank you chica, and I'm looking forward to the rest of 2011!

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