Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday Night "Tweef" Entertainment: Rihanna VS Ciara

REALLY?! *blank stare* FIRST OF ALL....the way that this ALL started, was childish!
*clears throat* CIARA! JUST watched the video.
Did Ciara's comment have ANYTHING to do with what Rihanna was wearing?!
that was just straight up, NO CHASER, messy *smh*
She'd been holding that in a LONG time I BET!
and THEN I don't understand why RIHANNA apologized FIRST...NO MA'AM!
Ciara took the cheap shot out of NO WHERE
and if they were really BOUT THAT, they would have "@" each other instead of subTweeting, RIGHT?! I'm just saying!

this was DEFINITELY my Friday Night Entertainment


Jen S. said...

LOVESS the blog....It was so great to meet you today...we will all have to get together again soon and hang out....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this, and i agree!

Chay Chay said...

Jen S., thank you so much, this is my baby! And I can't WAIT until the next meet Up! Fun & food : )

Elizabeth: love to share the good stuff : )

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