Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lebron to Savannah: "Here's $25 MILLION boo...SSSSHHHH!"

So, my "gasping news" for the week...
"King James" will pay his girlfriend/baby mamma
$25 MILLION to keep her mouth SHUT to the public if they EVER break up (Lord forbid)!  And to my knowledge, well what I believe, I don't THINK that includes child support (TWO kids).  It is in fact MUCH BETTER than giving her half.

When I first heard this, the FIRST thing that popped in my head was "What does Mr. James have to hide?!' *side eye*
Or maybe IF they DO break up, I wouldn't be surprised if she became that bitter, angry, black woman who would spill ALL of their "family secrets" in some TELL-ALL book...

What do Y'ALL think? Would you accept this "agreement"?

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