Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"WHY Cheat?"....VERY good question

"Here's what I don't seem to understand. Why would you be in a relationship if you're just gonna cheat? Cheating while you're in a relationship is a clear indication of greed, selfishness and un-satisfaction. I mean that's really what it breaks down to. If you are gonna feel like that why even bother. Especially if you just wanna sex the other person up. It's not right for the other person if they are GENUINELY affectionate for you. And the crazy part is that being faithful is the EASY part in a relationship. Cheating is the HARD part requiring all the work. Think about it. Cheating requires lies, sneaking, paranoia of being caught, denial, coming up with phony stories about activities and all kinds of different nonsense. If you ask me, that is doing THE MOST. Being faithful requires none of that UNNECESSARY bullsh*t. Just love your significant other and live your life. Drama in relationships only happens when you create it for yourself. If you are just gonna tell somebody you're their "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" just to sex them up, you have issues. Just be real and upfront with your intentions to hump instead of creating later issues. Or JUST BREAK IT OFF!! Its better for your health. But hey, some people like that thrill of being caught up and being sneaky. If you ask me, those people have issues..."
GREAT read....thoughts right on point, I'm sure A LOT of people think this ALL the time *smh*


JStar said...

So true...If I am not ready for a relationship because I need some random stuff...Then I wont be in a relationship....In a relationship that person should provide all that you require...If not, go out and find that person for you...

Miss.Stefanie said...

Great post!!

NC17 said...

most times cheating is something innocent, meeting a new friend or associate and hanging out, then that spirals into something physical, and then you're at a point we're you're like fuck it, i'm already here let's go through with it, i can always stop later... then BOOM, you're having an affair without even knowing it.

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