Thursday, October 1, 2009

...with your LAZY A**!

I'm waiting for the elevator, on the 1st floor, in the lobby right? Ok, there's another man, and a woman...right? Alright, so it takes the elevator about a minute & a half, two minutes to come, so we all load up. Now, I press 6, the woman presses 10....WHY?! WHY? WHY? does this manly man press 2?! For real?! For real?! You mean to tell me you waited for an elevator to take you to the 2nd LEVEL ?! DUDE! You could've walked your LAZY A** on up those stairs, and you could've BEEN to your destination! I should've given him a CHUCK NORRIS KICK right to his throat, LmaO! I swear I gave him the meanest, most annoyed, side-eye EVER! And he's not the first, I think I deal with AT LEAST 3 a day...are y'all TRYING to make me mad? Trying to just ruin my day? Get some exercise...TAKE THE STAIRS!


Kade Boteh said...

LOL! SO funny and true, although I have to admit I've been guilty of blatant laziness. The other day my friend and I were at Ikea and we were gonna take the elevator instead of walking down 2 flights of I felt hella guilty so we took the stairs. We were downstairs before the dang door opened.

T-Charry said...

LoL! WoW! I see people do that ALL THE TIME @ Ikea...too funny!

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