Thursday, October 1, 2009

i like how she put that....


"Chrissy Lous" by Smalls2234 featuring Christian Louboutin shoes

"Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel"...IN LOVE WITH THAT CD! "Steppin' in my "CHRISSY LOUS" yeah I got it all cute for ya baby..." Mariah nicknamed Christian Louboutins! How CUTE?! I can't help but think of a Queen Diva like Mariah steppin' out of her penthouse lookin' fierce, head held high with "More Than Just Friends" playin' in the background!


Yasexy said...

I love ur blog huns its so chic & diva'd out haha

I'm now a dedicated stalker(follower)
Hopefully you can stop by from time totime to check out my blog &POSSIBLY COMMENT

ms. downlow said...

I love nearly everyone of these shoes! They say fxxk me, but in a sophisticated way!

Thanx sooo much for all your fab comments on my site! You inspire me to keep tellin' my story. So many people email me privately, and I understand why, but oh how I LOVE you for being brave enuf to go public with your thoughts!!

T-Charry said...

Yasexy girl, thanks a bunch...I will DEFINITELY keep checkin' out your blog, probably become your stalker, oops, I mean your follower too, LoL! Comments WILL be posted for ya, TRUST!

And Ms. downlow...don't you just LOVE a high-heel, man...they just do something, and the men just LOVE them! You are SO very welcome for the comments, I give props where they are deserved and you DO deserve them love. And why be private? I'm grown, you're grown, and let's hope all the others are too...let's just be real about it ; )

Ms Plume said...

Those shoes look so fun. I can barely walk in heels over 3" but I don't have a problem being horizontal in

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

LOL @ "Chrissy Lous" thats too cute! I guess I'll have to buy a pair and nick name mine too! =/

Nice blog! Love the look of ur site! Thanx for checking us out!!!! Totally appreciate the love hun!

-Kelly of *AF*

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

Oh yeah...forgot to mention that we're now following your blog and your twitter! We're on twitter too! follow us----> AF_Girls

-kelly of *AF*

T-Charry said...

Ms. Plume...Beauty is Pain, & I will be in pain ALL NIGHT to walk in a pair of Louboutins, LoL!

Kelly, thank you girl, and when you do buy your own pair of "Chrissy Lou's", take a pic so I can see which ones you'll be rockin'! and I love your posts "Killing Kelly Softly", you have me ROLLIN'!

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