Monday, October 5, 2009

Fierce Feet

I was headed to work this morning, went to tell my roomie "Bye" and she HAS to size me up, a fashionista she is as well, and she noticed the shoes...talkin' about "I see you b***h, with the animal print (high-five)...that's what's in this season! It's all in InStyle!" So there ya go people, I'm rockin' what's hot, LoL, Payless, about 2 years old...LOVE THEM!


Da_Kween said...

Did you say Payless? TWO years old? Now THAT'S what's up! Raaawr! lol

T-Charry said...

i sure did say PAYLESS, LoL! People be sleepin' on Payless...they have some REALLY cute shoes, and they're by well-known designers, and honestly, you don't PAY that much LESS as you used to..but it's still CHEAP!

Da_Kween said...

Yes! I love Payless...I've got some cute shoes that are years old but still rock when I put em with the right things. Getcho FRUGAL on! lol

T-Charry said...

That whole rhyme "Payless shoes, they have no grip...make you fall & bust yo lip" LoL! Well, I don't care about that, if they're cute & comfortable, I'M gonna wear them...and personally the ones I've bought, have ALL of their grip, NOW!

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