Monday, October 5, 2009

"ATL Point of View"

right about now, I was supposed to be chillin', livin' the life @ The Four Seasons in Hollywood, awaiting 7:30PM to arrive on the red carpet @ Jamie Foxx & Gerard Butler's NEW movie Law Abiding Citizen...but INSTEAD, I'm in Dallas, at work, with this gloomy, sad weather outside (I call it "booed up" weather...perfect weather to be cuddled up with that special someone). My sweetheart Mr. "Gary w/ The Tea" got sick this morning, and he felt SO bad, but I understood and I just wanted to make sure that he got well for the remainder of the week (AND I didn't have to miss 2 days of work)...which brings me to the next subject.

NOW, the Hip Hop Awards are this coming weekend, and he has to be on the red carpet there as well and who did he ask to go with him? Why little old me of course =)
See, Gary isn't too fond of airplanes, so he wants to leave Friday and head to ATL and live it up in one of my fave cities, LOVE THIS PLACE! It's an 11-hour drive, which I've done before, SO I'm not really trippin', I'm excited (I just hope Gary gets well, 100%). I mean any and everyone is going to be in ATL this coming weekend, it'll be SO MUCH FUN!

Now to my lovely followers, we need to know where to go when we get to ATL...somewhere new! Whether it be food, shopping, events, whatever...I know WE ARE gonna hit up JD's (I had the turkey sausage omelette & cheese grits when I went there for the 1st time, I was in HEAVEN), that place is SO good, I think it KILLS Gladys Knight's place, KILLS IT! And of course we know about Atlantic Station, Lennox Square, & Phipps Plaza, but you guys let ME know...WHERE SHOULD WE GO for our little mini-vacay?

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