Tuesday, October 30, 2012

O.O.T.N. My 10 Yr. High School Reunion

I'm OLD!
Well at least that's what it felt like saying, 
"I'm going to my 10 year high school reunion!"
Time FLIES when you're having fun, I really mean that.  I can't BELIEVE I've been out of high school, graduated, and walked across that stage 10 YEARS GO *jaw drops*
If I could go back, I surely would, ALL THE WAY back to 11th grade as a matter of fact.  I'd change a few things along the way, but not much.

It was so surreal, so out of this World.  I'm so used to seeing people attend their reunions on TV, in movies, so walking into that venue, seeing faces, well some, that I haven't seen tin 10 YEARS, it was SO WEIRD lol....I'll tell you what though, some people, some things, do NOT change, which is so sad.  Years later and you still have that stank, stuck up attitude, stuck in your snobbish World, still in that clique-ish high school mode.  Come on people, GROW UP smh.  A lot of people didn't,  but ME?! Oh I spoke to whoever wanted to talk and catch up.  I mean, it was fun.  Some people I even thought to myself, "WHY didn't I hang out with you in high school? You are so cool, too funny!"  *shrugs* oh well, too late now lol

ANYWAYS, being THE fashionista that I am, and try to ALWAYS be, I wanted to dress up.  I wanted to look nice, I wanted to stand out.  I hate to sound so vain, but I look good in pretty much EVERY color, but seeing as though my school colors were black, white, blue & silver, I wanted to wear the brightest color, the one that popped the most...BLUE!  My brother said, "You look like you're going to the White House..." lol, YES!  Just what I wanted!

***HUGE S/O to my brother Cam....my photographer, we had a little photoshoot : )

my WHOLE outfit...H&M
shoes...Jessica Simpson

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Tracy said...

I totally Love your dres!!! The same thing happen at my reunion some people never change! I was like really we are old now people lets get over it!!! LOL

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