Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Weekend Makeup HaulS !!!!!

Nordstrom Galleria Dallas, Smashbox counter:  I THINK I've struck gold...I wore the powder and the primer today, and as oily as my face is (it's not AS oily during the Fall/Winter seasons) I didn't have to blot not ONCE today, and that hasn't happened in a LONG time!

Willowbend Mall, M.A.C. Store:  I needed and WANTED a new Fall color, something that I would've NEVER imagined myself to wear, a dark & sexy color.  Cyber was IT and I LOVE it! And OF COURSE I couldn't just buy ONE thing, so I went with the Guilty Passions Lipgloss Set (l-r DEMURE, GOING CASUAL, BOYS GO CRAZY (looks GOOD on Cyber) & COULOUR SATURATION).  I can't WAIT to wear Cyber with a nude, smokey eye!

Last, but DEFINITELY not least...TARGET!  for a few basics...
Maybelline mascaras are ALWAYS a winner, and the E.L.F. face brush was ONLY $1!

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