Tuesday, October 23, 2012

5 Ways To Wear A Denim Blouse...It's FALL!

I was up tonight watching the last Presidential Debate, and my girl Jenna hits me up in my texts saying,
"Whenever you wear a denim shirt, send me a pic...
I need ideas of how to wear one."
I was already thinking of ways that I HAVE worn one, so my wheels started turning as to how I COULD wear one, for myself as well, for the Fall/Winter season.  OF COURSE, Google became my best friend at the moment and I couldn't WAIT to give my girl the fashion advice that I LOVE to give.
SO....here we GO:

Don't mind all the mess she's holding lol....black tights, denim blouse tied-up, a little tummy showing OR any color camisole underneath if you're not in the tummy-bearing mood OR shape, with a leather vest.  It COULD be a leather jacket as well, that wouldn't be bad AT ALL.  Finish with thigh-high OR knee-high boots OR combat boots, which I ALWAYS love AND rock, like the ones I got from Bakers, last season I believe.

Denim blouse buttoned-up to the top, chiffon scarf wrapped under the collar in either a bow or knot, whatever you like, with a flirtatious, colorful, printed skirt OR high-waisted shorts.  You can go with the sophisticated pumps as pictured above OR I'm thinking maybe riding boots, I think that would be SUPER cute!!!

with ANY color leather skirt, this knee length one would be PERFECT for the girl with the curves, I mean this would be BAAAAAAD (in a good one, like YOU GO GIRL)...show off your shape.  Go with a close-toed pump, I'm thinking something WAY higher than what she's rocking in the picture above.  Leopard would  DEFINITELY go, don't get me wrong.  Keep the shirt open, a little boobage showing, wear a big statement necklace.  I LOVE this for the Fall!

I ALWAYS love to layer (disregard the fact that this is a man, even though he is pretty slim)...layer UNDER a fitted blazer or sweater, better yet a cardigan.  I LOVE cardigans.  They give off a sweet, sexy, classy vibe.

Last, but NOT least, what I think SOME people are afraid to do with denim...go monochromatic.  ALL denim, all the same wash.  POP IT with bold, bright, BIG accessories.  

I DO plan on trying ALL of these looks this Fall/Winter season...I'm SO excited about it too!

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