Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beauty Review: Montagne Jeunesse Deep-Cleansing Clean Up Mud

So I was on one of my late night WalMart runs last week and I ended up in the beauty aisle OF COURSE and I'm ALWAYS looking for something new to try, ALWAYS.  One thing I NEVER really got into was masks.  Whenever I used to go to LUSH, the experts in there would always tell me that a mask, once a week, was good for your skin.  SO, seeing as though I was in WalMart, I decided to just purchase one from here...I mean they were only like a $1, MAYBE $2.

One thing that really stuck out for ME and my skin problems: BLEMISH PRONE SKIN
seeing those words, really got me, that was my selling point lol

"What's in it?" you ask:
natural clay
witch hazel
dead sea salt
Aloe Vera leaf juice
green tea leaf extract...
just a FEW of the things to name

So, first...the instructions state to clean your face.  I HAD to do that, I mean I still had my work face on.  So, I used my Neutrogena Makeup Remover towelettes to get the first layer off and then a cotton ball and Witch Hazel to get the excess off...


Once in the shower, I washed my face with my black soap that I got from Walmart as well and I towel-dried my face....above is a CLEAN face : )

NEXT...instructions say to apply the clean mud. I used my hand and applied in a circular motion, a good 2-3 layers.  I wanted to make sure it got deep into my pores and I got a good coat goin' on.  The smell was very refreshing, like a lighter Noxzema cream, very fresh, very sinus-clearing lol...I liked it!

Relaaaaax and let it sit for 10-15 minutes...I chose 15, I wanted to MAXIMUM effect OF COURSE
Juuuust waiting as you can see....*sigh*

While waiting, the mask DOES harden, it does thicken, it DOES dry up...and you can feel it.  It kinda felt like my head, face, whatever, got just a liiiittle bit heavier lol.  To make that face above, it felt SO GOOD!  the mud actually tightened my face, so I needed to do that.  Forgive the silly face lol

15 minutes are UP...time to wipe off.  The first thing I noticed, it wasn't as hard to wipe off as I thought.  Seeing as though I put it on pretty thick.  I started with the middle of my face, that area was the tightest.  

I LOVED the feeling of the cool air in the house hitting my newly exposed face...it felt gooooood!

The very first thing I noticed was that my face seemed or looked a little lighter in color.  I'm guessing that means it's just a tad bit cleaner.  My face was so soft, and not even as oily as it usually is, so I LOVED that.  Overall, I enjoyed this mask experience.  There will be more masks purchased!


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