Monday, October 8, 2012

2012 Steel Magnolias...My Thoughts

FIRST, let me say, the cast was AWESOME...loved to see all of the women of color!  After finally seeing this movie, I think it was amped up so much and for so long, that people expected this AMAZINGLY awesome remake, and then it was just....Good!  

In some scenes, my mom and I felt like we were watching a play.  It just didn't feel natural, like the original.  The flow wasn't smooth, I guess that's a good way of putting it.  Speaking of the original, all of my thoughts and opinions are coming from my comparisons to the original from 1989.  I mean it's only right.

I think my faves were Jill Scott & Phylicia Rashad.  Their characters behavior seemed to come so natural to them.  I did LOVE how they all played the Southern Louisiana roll so well and the chemistry between them all was friendly, as I'm sure they all are in reality.

Now, I must say, the young lady that they chose to play Shelby, Condola Rashad (Phylicia Rashad's daughter) I wanted her to come so much harder with her emotion, the drama, in some of Julia Robert's classic scenes.  One in particular, the sugar attack scene in Truvy's shop, where she gets the shakes and needs orange juice.  I didn't believe the attack in this one.  When Julia Roberts had that attack in Truvy's shop, it scared me, it was real! 

Also, Queen Latifah, an amazing woman, so mom and I both said, no matter how feminine they tried to make her in this movie, well really anytime, her masculine ways still shine through somehow.  BTW, her hair was LAID in this movie, that feathered bang, was beautiful!  Now, like I was saying, as far as her portrayal as M'Lynn (Sally Fields' character) she did well, she played the caring mother role, she was sweet and loving...BUT, the BEST scene, when Shelby dies and M'Lynn has that breakdown at the burial site, Sally Fields DEFINITELY won me over, over Queen.  First of all, in this remake, Queen acted it out at Truvy's shop.  It wasn't the same.  Just like the original, it should've been done at the burial site...I'm just saying.  Now, I will say, Queen's version of it, she did have me with that lump in my throat like I was ABOUT to cry, but I didn't lol...Overall, Queen did, she did GOOD.

Overall, let me just say, trying to squeeze the original Steel Magnolias into 2 hours of TV time, I think that's what ruined it...It seemed that the movie was rushed.  It seemed that some of the scenes that you wanted to feel, you didn't have time to because a commercial came, or the next scene started.  Your Truly, I give it a I said, it was Good : )

Oh....a HUGE S/O to the surprising cameos in the movie...Lance Gross as Sammy, the boyfriend and Annelle's boyfriend and Julius Erving (Dr. J.) as the preacher, OH and the whole cast workin' it to The Wobble at the wedding reception LoL SMH!!!

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