Thursday, August 2, 2012

"When it hurts so bad, when it hurts so bad..."

"...why does it feel so good?"  The lovely and talented Lauryn Hill said it best.  Not only do I love that song, but she speaks the absolute truth unfortunately.  WHY is is that something that's SO bad for you can feel so good to you?!  I guess it's like when someone tells you to not eat so much candy.  Even though YOU KNOW it may cause you to have "yuck mouth" and give you disgusting cavities, it tastes too good.  Your sweet tooth is satisfied.  The only thing is, it's just for that one moment.  In all seriousness though, let's say we relate this to, ohhhhh what about, a relationship.  A failed relationship.  It goes like this: Boy meets girl. Girl & boy like each other.  Boy & girl's feelings grow deeper.  Boy & girl end up loving each other.  Girl does ANYTHING to keep the relationship strong and awesome.  Boy cheats. Girl's heart is broken.  Boy & girl break up.  It's OVER. .... So they think.

Sometimes to know that a person still loves you, has feelings for you, cares for you after fighting and fussing, and even being "thrown away" for something else, that feeling, it can have a hold on you.  It can touch a part of your heart that you thought was protected with the rest of it.  Apparently not.  So many times you see relationships, with their ups and downs, even friendships.  That's life.  There are ups and downs.  So in comes the point of it all....WHY when something has hurt you so bad, make you feel so low, it can make you feel so good, at that moment in time? Or longer?  Is it that, you can't help who you love? Is it that you want to give things a second chance?  Is it that you have this inkling of a thought that MAYBE just MAYBE things could turn around and YOU could be "the girl" again?  Or maybe is it just the thought of being loved by that person again, like you remember, just having them in your life, knowing that that closeness, that bond is still there puts a smile on your face?  Everyone's answer is different.  Every situation is different.  It happens everyday.

The consequences: people judging, people may call you dumb, or weak, or you may miss out something that's so much better for you.  Either way, it's that person's situation to deal with.  It's their lesson to learn no matter what happens.  In the end, it's between those two people what will happen.  No matter how long it goes on, how long that "good feeling" will last.  It may hurt like hell in the beginning, but that good feeling, could last inside you for a long time, you could remember that good feeling for a lifetime.  And no matter the heartache it caused, the "sweetness" clearly leaves a good taste in your mouth that you can nor forget.

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Jess_Me said...

All I can say is SO TRUE, especially the consequences. It's so hard to let that "love" go even though you know it isn't there anymore but still...... I totally understand that it's up to the couple and their business, but in reality people want that support from their friends and family. This by far is one of your BEST posts.

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