Sunday, August 5, 2012


When I say "BF" I do mean BEST FRIEND....even though he's not like my best BEST friend, he's really close with our family and he's goofy, and so we just started calling each other "BF" lol...

So anyways, he FINALLY took that walk down the aisle.  And it was just so pretty. Even though my cousin' girlfriend and I, who was my date, walked in LITERALLY as soon as they were pronouncing them man & wife cousin, who was one of the groomsmen, because they're REALLY, TRUE best friends, looked to the back of the church and all he could do was hake his head at us lol

The wedding chapel was like a peaceful, little chapel, like from TV. So quaint.  So quiet. So pretty.  The ivory color and the candles on the wall, the dim lights and the staircase to the pew, was just adorable!

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Craig Collins ... 
The bridesmaids wore black dresses & the groomsmen wore ALL with the dark red vests.  The bride & groom were the only people in the bridal party that wore the cream.  It looked really pretty, worked out well.

My cousin Bryce A.K.A. Brycey ... love this guy, I know it's rude to say, but he's DEFINITELY my favorite cousin.  Such a nice picture of him a the reception, which I thought was so pretty as well.  The lighting was perfect, The red, cream & black was floating everywhere, I didn't get a picture of the cakes, but they were pretty as well, my favorite was the groom's cake (chocolate on chocolate with chocolate-covered strawberries...DELISH!)

These guys here...TRUE best friends, you KNOW they have to try and act all hard.  Men being Men.
TALL men at that OMG!

Now to MY dress, MY ensemble.  I was SO last minute, as usual SMH
I wanted color, I wanted comfort, nothing TOO jazzy and formal.  
I searched everywhere that day, and then I though TARGET (Pronounced Tar-JAY!)
This dress here, it just stuck out to me, I'm a warm colors kinda girl.  It did come in green/blue/black, but it didn't scream Spring wedding like this one did.  I was a little concerned about too much boobage, but it was PERECT and I was EVEN able to go a size SMALLER...that's ALWAYS the best feeling.
I started planning out the shoes and jewelry in my mind and it all came together.
So...what was my damage for this dress?
$18 ! ! ! 
Yup! You read right!  I guess I walked on a good day in Target, because they were having a temporary price cut on these dresses, that were originally $36, which I probably wouldn't have been so quick to buy at THAT price.  I put the dress with my Steve Madden tan & coral Mary Jane pumps, my necklace is from Forever 21 and my watch, my trust rose gold Fossil OF COURSE.

He's SO TALL...Jeez!  We had to get a shot together lookin' all spiffy & stuff, all jazzy!

My cousin's girlfriend, she must've been peeping through my window as I was getting dressed because we matched, sorta lol...the purple seemed to be the way to go, and we definitely complimented each other.  Her statement pearls was my favorite!

We sent the bride & groom off with beautiful bubbles and they were all was just so pretty!


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