Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beauty Review: SOFT, Sweet Feet ASAP!

dermae Natural Body Care Cracked Skin Relief Creme, The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray, LUSH Fair Trade Foot Lotion & a wooden foot file (MY FAVE!) ... <---------THIS is all you'll need to get the softest feet EVER!  

I have a tendency to walk on the sides of my feet, being slew-footed (walking like a duck) doesn't help either, but that's the way I was born, so I have to deal with it lol.  I can't ALWAYS make it to the nail shop to get a pedicure and SOMETIMES my money is funny and it won't allow it *shrugs*

SO...I HAD to put a stop to my heels looking like I'd been walking through a pile of rocks all day, TOO EMBARRASSING!  As a woman, having nice, soft feet, that's a MUST (men LOVE pretty feet)...I know I've walked a place or two and seen the back of some women's heels, all split, dry & hard looking and I think to myself, "JEEZ! That doesn't hurt?! It doesn't hurt you to walk?!"  I don't want ANYONE saying that about me OR you, so I'm here to help!

MY LIFESAVER: the wooden foot file.  You can use pumice stone as well.  These can be found EVERYWHERE!  Target, WalMart, you local grocery store, Ulta, ANWYERE where beauty products are sold pretty much.  I like to use this on my feet after a long, hot shower.  My skin is soft from soaking in the water, so it's easier to file on your heels and the balls of your feet.  Pretty much all you do is file on your foot anywhere that seems hard, thick or cracked.  It works MIRACLES!  I do it on dry feet as well.  Same process as when wet.  You get rid of the layers of dry skin in a jiffy.  The rougher, course side is to smooth away stubborn, hard skin and the smooth side provides gentle exfoliation.  You will feel the difference RIGHT away!

NEXT: LUSH Fair Trade Foot Lotion.  I love this stuff already and I only have a sample.  It's a blend of arnica, spearmint and cocoa butter...smells minty.  You can feel the cooling effect when rubbed in well.  

THEN: dermae Natural Body Care Cracked Skin Relief Creme.  I found this in Sprouts, or Whole Foods, I can't remember, I love both of these places just the same.  I place just a dap, a little goes a LONG way, on my heel and the balls of my feet, just as I did the foot lotion.  It relieves painful, severely cracked skin.  It can be used to hydrate hands, elbows, heels, anywhere skin is dry and cracked.  CLEARLY I chose my WHOLE foot.  The smell is very soft, clean, rubs in well.  

LAST but NOT Least: The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray. This is probably my second favorite part AFTER filing my feet.  It feels SO good. Like a nice, cool breath of fresh air.  I guess I could say, it wakes up your feet.  Great for the Summers here in Texas.  After a long, hot, tiring day, just 2-3 sprays will do the trick.  It combats odor, the menthol cools the skin and grape extract has skin smoothing and exfoliation properties.  Sounds AWESOME huh?  It IS!

Once you finished all steps, put on your favorite pair of socks, jump in the bed, and rest your body as well as those steppers of yours...they deserve it.  I see myself continuing with this routine for a while.  I couldn't find my wooden foot file for FOREVER and I saw a huge difference, in a bad way, from lack of use.  So YES the wooden foot file is a must and YES I recommend investing in one of those babies.  ALL of these babies...your feet will thank you FOREVER!

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★Starrla Monae☆ said...

I'm going to try this regime out. I used to have a peppermint foot balm that I LOVED and used all up and can't find anywhere now. Thanks for the tips!

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