Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beauty Review: Goddess Remi French...Straightened!

I wanted to put some heat to the hair, just to see if it would stay straight or would it crinkle and wave back up to it's original pattern.  So far, so good as you can see...

I sprayed my hair with Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray, then brushed my hair through, to make sure the product was evenly distributed throughout my hair.  Then, I put my Nu-Me pink flat iron to each strand slowly, and VOILA!  My hairstylist flat-ironing it at my Saturday appointment also helped as well LoL! 
To achieve a more polished look, I used one of my FAVORITE products on my edges, Hicks Total Transformations Hicks Edges.  It's AMAZING!
I've gotta A LOT of compliments on my straightened hair.  The hair looks so much like my real hair, I think that's why.  I think if I were to wash, condition, and flat iron my now FULLY natural hair, it would look just like this.  The coarse, thick texture of the Goddess hair, it matches pretty much PERFECTLY! 

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