Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Real, Good Read...

a VERY close friend, and that doesn't even begin to describe him, wrote this and it was a great read to me.  He spoke the truth.  It really opens your eyes to YOUR future and what it really is...

Never Too Late

How many remember the time in your HS English class when your teacher ask you to write a mini essay about “What do you see yourself doing in 5-10 years” All the dudes would put “I’ll be making big money in the NBA or NFL” and the females would say “Married with a nice family, big house, being either a doctor or lawyer and living the American dream” Now fast forward 5-10 years later, are you where you would thought you would be hmmm…*Don’t worry you can think until you get to the end of this blog Lol* Yeah I said those things back in HS as I was Basketball Captain, Student Council Officer, Student Superintendent Committee, HS Frat Officer, and one of the popular kids in school. And as you actually get out in the world, “LIFE” actually hits you. I grew up without both parents, daddy died when I was 4 and mother died when I was 11. So I never had that adult figure to push and motivate me unless it was self motivation. My two of my 3 older brothers were in and out of jail. My 3rd oldest brother was a few years older than me in school so he was not able to actually help mold me into a “Man” But I stayed out of trouble and kept my head on straight because I was instilled with a foundation of great morals. Things like respecting your elders and saying “Yes ma’am” & “No, ma’am” People in my neighborhood said, “You won’t live to see 21” I did not live to see 21……I surpassed it. Now at 29, I’ve seen quite a bit and I have done a lot but still not as much as I would like. Still in all, I have done enough to gain some knowledge of this thing called “Life” Even though I am not traveling the states/world playing in Arenas or Stadiums. BUT, I am grooming myself to travel the states/world with a talent that is rare in others…..SINGING! Even though I wrote my essay back in that English class years back, I did not receive a scholarship to a prestigious university. I was pretty skilled on the court and actually made ALL-District & ALL-Metro Team Honorable Mention. And having two of the most precious daughters any father can have is amazing. Also, I have made quite a name for myself singing youtube covers ( and performing. And now as I sit and write this, I am also a BUSINESSman of my newly establish music imprint “SoulGood Muziq, LLC” Getting experience and learning the music business is a task but it’s well worth it. This is my calling and I wanna give back to the community who has made me who I am as a man. Give kids of this generation something I had as a child and that was a role model. Let them know that they can live out their dreams and make them become a reality. You can do anything you set your mind to. And this is just the start of something beautiful for my career and I will make the best of it. So with that being said, “It’s never too late to make your dreams become a reality….!!!” #SoulGoodMuziq

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