Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby Blue Ivy....LOOK AT PRECIOUS!

The World FINALLY got to see her, and when I tell you, she warmed my heart, OMG!
Look at those cheeks, look at lil' mamma, OMG, she is just DARLING!  Seeing her, seeing Beyonce hold her daughter, seeing her actual face, makes Beyonce REALLY look like a mother, I see the bond, the love, and it's just ADORABLE!  I see Beyonce in her eyes, the top part of her face, and she's ALL her daddy Jay-Z at the bottom, with that fat jaws...OOOOOO EM GEEEEEE! too cute y'all!


Thee_Kween said...

She is SO adorable! I love seeing Bey be mama! :)

Long time no see...glad you're still scooping! :D

Reggie said...

Fortunately that baby takes after her mom.

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