Monday, July 2, 2012

2012 BET Awards...Pics AND My Thoughts!!!

Twitter & Instagram were going NUTS with picture after picture from the awards, edited pics joking about any and EVERYTHING AT the awards, I mean it was CRAZY hilarious!

Instagram: Rocsi, of 106 & Park, and Eddie Murphy, made their first appearance together as a, well.....couple, at the Pre-BET Awards party

Twitter: King Bey & Jay showed up, looking just FABULOUS and Kanye & Kim (Kimye) showed up as well *side eye* and THIS pic was circulating.  This was SORTA how I was watching the awards lol *shrugs* 

Twitter: LOVED Bey's dress.  The leg out really put it over the top...and Jay, the Pee Wee Herman suit combination, he pulled it off OF COURSE!!! They look so happy, so them!

Twitter: I HONESTLY liked this pic....the caption I THINK was: "Ultimate Success" or something like that, which is TRUE, no matter how they became successful *cough* Kim SMH

Instagram: My girl Nicki Nicki Nicki!  Those hips on her, my GAWD!  She performed "Beez In The Trap" with 2 CHAAAAAAINZ and honestly, she wasn't all out of this World with it, her choreography was simple, yet Asstastic.  In case you didn't know, she is my girl crush...she was getting IT in that tight black ensemble too....WERK BOO!

Instagram (And really EVERYWHERE): Soulja Boy, who was seated with his girlfriend Diamond (formerly of Crime Mobb) got teary-eyed during the tribute to Whitney Houston.  I understood his sadness.  I mean JUST BECAUSE he's a rapper, a young one at that, Whitney Houston affected EVERYBODY.  EVERYBODY loved Whitney.
YOU KNOW the jokes were flowing heavy on this pic SMH

Instagram: TGT...Tyrese, Ginuwine & Tank...this is that REAL R&B
All of them SO handsome, the ONLY flaw lol, Ginuwine and that curl kit, all those juices running down his face.  He looked TOO damn shiny lol

Instagram: Yolanda Adams & Monica Brown....both SO beautiful!
Monica sang "I Love The Lord" as a tribute to Whitney Houston, she was AMAZING! (one of my favorite songs and she KILLED IT!)

Instagram: There goes my girl! Taraji P. Henson & Loretta Divine....Taraji is HANDS DOWN my favorite actress, ever since Baby Boy, and y'all remember Loretta Divine from Waiting To Exhale...she played Gloria, Donald Faison was her son, YUP!

NOW....for a few of my thoughts, I'll try to be quick.

1.  Kim was SO out of place.  She didn't know when to stand up.  Whether to go on stage with Kanye.  She didn't get any of the jokes, she was just LOST.
2.  My boo Chris Brown, his performance REALLY let me down.
3.  Kerry Washington, she looked malnourished, her outfit was BLAH, her hair as well. She just wasn't stunning like she usually is.
4.  Jay-Z gave SO MUCH shade to Kim when he got up to go on stage and accept an award, it was HILARIOUS! Gave her SUPER *side eye*
5.  Beyonce didn't pay Kim ANY attention, which I LOVED.  Partied it UP with her sister Solange *hi-five*
6.  Kevin Hart...HILARIOUS
7.  Jamie Foxx's daughter...she's so grown, such a pretty, young lady.
8.  Chris Brown with that fuzz on his chin, he was lookin' like he put a little weight on, I loved it! MY how he's grown.
9.  The director of Beyonce's "Party" video, Alan Ferguson, as he accepted his award for Best Director of the Year FOR "Party", he gave a shout out to the "love his life", Ms. Solange Knowles.  I'm sure we can say, that's her man!
10.  Did Tyga have on a LEATHER shirt?! No sir.
11.  Lauren London looked really pretty.  love those dimples.
12.  I HATE that LaLa didn't have a wardrobe change.  I was sick of seeing that glitter jumper lol
13.  Debra Lee, MUCH respect, but she's SO boring.  That black funeral dress didn't help anything either!
14.  Elle Varner...LOVED her dress during her pre-show performance

I THINK that's it for now lol...hope y'all enjoyed!!!

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