Saturday, June 30, 2012

LaLa Wears Givenchy WELL!!!

The beautiful Mrs. LaLa looked just as pretty as she could look in a sheer fuchsia top, frayed jean shorts and these BAD to the bone-colored Givenchy knee-high boots at The BET Awards...WORK IT GIRL! 

Pic was posted on Twitter by her bestie Po Johnson...GOTTA love Po!


stilettolover91 said...

She looks awesome!!!

lalaG said...

im soooo not digging those boots.
and its summer... come on!

Chay Chay said...

DOESN'T she look awesome as usual?! I love that she rocked them so casually AND cute!

LaLaG! lol...I feel you, BUT I love the look, it's just worn SO WELL!

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