Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm a sucker for STRIPES!

I'm a sucker for STRIPES!
I used to always hear that horizontal stripes made you look wider and vertical stripes make you look taller...HONESTLY they all look the same to me: CUTE!
I think what makes me like them SO MUCH is because SO MUCH can be done with them...
mixing the stripes with a solid REALLY makes the pattern stick out and you can dress them UP or down, anywhere from a striped button-up for work , or a striped tank for the club or just to chill. 
And then it seems like I can put ANY color accessories with ANY color combo of stripes.  I picked a FEW faves....lemme see how I would "jazz" them up:

1.  maybe a white tank, or an off-the-shoulder top...wouldn't go with the blue or red color, there's already enough color in the skirt, and I could do more up top with the blank canvas that is as far as what shoes I would wear, THEN I would go with the blue or red, maybe a strappy sandal or a nude maybe, that's ANOTHER favorite for me this year

2.  you really don't have to do MUCH, seeing as though it's a dress and you kinda wanna be simple....I'm thinking maybe gold bangles and gold flats, nothing extravagant

3.  I've worn something VERY similar to this, I got A LOT of compliments on it....I wore a multi-chain necklace with it, hang low, and it was PERFECT

4.  t-shirt and jeans, you can never go wrong....gray skinny jeans maybe, or black, OR white, with black sandals...VERY casual

5.  ANY color sandals, DARK denim jeans would be cute....

6.  I LOVE this jacket....ADORE it, reminds me of the club!  I could put ANY color under it, I'm thinking red, or royal blue, or yellow....and THEN pair it with a SLIMMING pair of black tights, LOVE IT!

7.  this could be the same as 8., I would do black tights OR jeans, skinny ones of course, and PROBABLY a white cami OR tank, or white tee, and black flip flops....COMFY!

8.  they remind me SO much of the beach, California OR Florida, South Beach....I see a pair of gold-trimmed aviators, an oversized white button-up, OR shirt, with the nude sandals, strappy accessories would be PERFECT!

As y'all can see, YUP I love stripes...LOVE them LoL...

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