Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jim Jones is CRAZY...but I LIKE IT!


Now...was Jim Jones overboard or WHAT?!
I think this episode was the best YET this season, even though they've only aired like 3 so far LoL
I understand taking up for your lady, but DAAAAAAMN!
His rant reminded me of like the mafia/mob type stuff...I was NOT ready jaw was dropped the WHOLE time.  Chrissy knew what she was doing when she told Jim over the phone, acting all surprised when he started going crazy over the phone...GIIIIRL PLEASE!
I really felt bad for Somaya's manager, little Tatu lookin' guy..I REALLY THINK he was TERRIFIED for his life, BUT he shouldn't have said what he said about Chrissy, and THEN he said it to one of her friends, Olivia, and he should've known DAMN WELL she was gonna run RIGHT BACK to Chrissy and tell her QUICK, FAST, & IN A HURRY!
On a much brighter note, Jim looked GOOD in that fitted cap, that white tee & those jeans..with bow-legged ass, HMPH...LOVE IT!
I can't even lie, I used to think he just looked DIRTY, and he smelled, and his hair always looks disheveled, BUT NOW I can get past ALL of that, he can GET IT...that tough exterior, it just turns me ON!

*fanning myself* HEHEHEHE


classic daisy said...

O-M-G! This show is my latest addiction its so raw, uncut, and real! <33

But I'm going to have to disagree with you girlfriend! I think Jim's intentions were not to assault or banter homeboy but I think he had every right to get in his face.

You don't mess with people's money, I think Chrissy said it best, "assassination of character." lol
but anyways best reality tv show on right now!


Chay Chay said...

girl I can NOT miss this show, it REALLY IS good! and whether Jim was going to hurt him or NOT, he damn sure put some fear in old boy LoL....
And I hear what you're saying though...if he's going to invest in someone, invest in someone worth his time and money, YUP YUP!

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