Thursday, October 28, 2010

LOOK & LISTEN! New Music Videos!

Diddy FT. Dirty Money & Drake

OK, Rick Ross & Diddy with the talking in the beginning?! Didn't need it LoL!
And Diddy...WHY do you have that grill on your bottom teeth?! Answer me THAT
The subject of he video, loving someone so much that you forget to love yourself, that's real.
Dirty Money sounds REALLY good, this IS a CERTIFIED iPod repeater...that piano in the
background, the high notes, I'm feelin' it.  I see Diddy LOVES to show his emotional side.
Side Note: I KNOW y'all saw that good ol' Ciroc (I still havent tried the coconut kind)

Nicki Minaj - Right Thru Me

FIRST OFF....I HATE that hair on Nicki, EEEEWWWW!
i love my girl Nicki regardless, but it's just funny to see her acting so wifey type/serious LoL
FOR REAL though, I am digging the serious, softer, not so "Barbie-ish" side of Nicki
it's cool...
OMG, her HIPS in the shot where they show her silhouette walking through the steam...LAWD!

Her album "PINK FRIDAY" drops NOVEMBER 22ND, I can't WAIT

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