Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Hills FINAL Season Episode 1 RECAP!

1.  Stephanie? AA?! Trouble child maybe?
2.  Stephanie has had MAJOR work on her face...
3.  LO, on the slick, is MESSY!...she talks A LOT!
4.  It was funny how Heidi was hiding her face while packing her bag to go home
5.  Heidi's boobs looked like they hurt, they were so high up & hard looking!
6.  Brody is HOTT!
7.  Heidi's mom looked TERRIFIED when she opened the door to see Heidi
8.  Heidi looked like a freakin' CAT!  There was NOTHING wrong with her face in the 1st place
9.  And then she said she wanted BIGGER boobs, but they wouldn't fit?! LoL...wooooow
10.  Mom' know best:  her own MOTHER said she didn't look good *smh*
11.  I would have LOVED to be with all of them in MIA for the Superbowl
12.  Brody wants Audrina; Kristin was PISSED a.k.a. JEALOUS!
13.  poor thing...Kristin tried to drink her pain away from the jealousy "let's take another shot!"
14.  Audrina looks SO much better BTW!
15.  That morning when Kristin woke up, she looked TRASHED! TOO and THROUGH!
16. And WHY did all of her friends that were in the bed with her scatter like roaches?! LMAO
17.  Heidi's "new face" actually makes her look older
18.  the dinner with Heidi & her family was SO awkward....it was uncomfortable
19.  Heidi's mom = SMARTASS!  That comment she made about putting the burger in the blender for Heidi because her jaw was still locked was HILARIOUS!
20.  And did you guys see Staci the bartender?!
21.  Kristin played the SHIT out of the girls (LO, Audrina, & Stephanie)
22.  And do you THINK the girls called Kristin out on enough problems?! DAMN! Kristin? a crackhead?!
23.  And why in the HELL would they talk SO BAD about Kristin while she was RIGHT in the next room?!
24.  and DAMN! Why were they interrogating Kristin like they were her freakin' parents?!
25.  And Stephanie has NO ROOM to talk about ANYONE having problems...
26.  Heidi's visit to her parents was so...COLD
27.  I think the girls were TOTALLY jealous of Kristin because SHE left them at the hotel and had an AWESOME time without them LoL!


Anonymous said...

Audrina is my girl, ceiling eyes or not. And Brody stills owes her an apology for all the Jade(glad she's gone)craziness he put her through.


Aaaa, I've missed the episode! But thanks for the info! Haha! Can't wait to see it!

Fashion Wh0re said...

lol thanks for the recap..i Love the hills too bad this is the last season..you watched the city?

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