Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Future Husband...

whoever OR wherever you may were a #TT (Trending Topic) on Twitter today and I LOVED it! Everything from what I want and need to what you'll get, deserve & need.  It entertained me for a GOOD hour or two, because HEY, I want nothing but the best, and that's what I think I deserve.  There were some REALLY good ones from a FEW GOOD men on Twitter, that I HAD to retweet.  I took note, TRUST! What do YOU want to tell your future wife/husband?  Here are a FEW that caught my eye:

#Dearfuturewifes your ♥ should be so hidden in God, that a man has to seek him to find you

#dearfuturehusband our business is ours. What happens in our home stays there, dont tell the pastor, ur boys, & ur fam!

#dearfuturehusband please make sure u keep ur credit report clean now so we dont have problems getting that home together

#dearfuturewife my family is full of assholes! don't be weak! my mama will decide yo future in dis family!

#DearFutureWomanTryingToBeWife what u won't do, the woman next to u will...<-true true.

#dearfuturehusband I want a best friend as well as lover. I need to know you will be there for me.

#dearfuturehusband please be advised I'm gonna spoil you every chance I get

#dearfuturehusband I I know you? Have we met? are u saying #dearfuturewife to me?

#dearfuturehusband I never settle for less...only the BEST. Material things are not a big deal to me, just looooove me!

#dearfuturehusband Actions speak louder than words...SHOW ME

#dearfuturehusband we came into it TOGETHER...we'll get through it TOGETHER

#dearfuturehusband I REFUSE for us to go to sleep angry at each other...I won't have it. Let's get this straight RIGHT NOW boo!

 #dearfuturewife if you love you, ill love you...communication and dedication is the key.<-SAY THAT!

#dearfuturehusband #mm "Let Me Cater 2 U"...."whatchu wanna eat boo? Let me feed U. Let me run ur bath water, whatever u desire I'll aspire"

#dearfuturehusband "Happy wife, happy life" SIMPLE AS THAT ☺

These were just a of my FAVE #TT in a while!

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