Saturday, February 20, 2010

TRUE love, TRUE words

so, OF COURSE, my girl Ms. Stephanie (@McStephanton) over at Steevie's Inner Sanctum has amazed me ONCE AGAIN!  This morning she was on her s**t with the "love thing", I mean it was almost like she was in my head, speaking & talking what I was thinking, it was CRAZY!  The TT (Trending Topic) was #youknowitslovewhen & every last one of them hit me HARD....if you all haven't noticed from some of my past posts, I'M IN LOVE, so they REALLY hit home...

"The more you hear about their flaws, the deeper in love you fall."

"You can spend hours on the phone with them in silence and be totally comfortable with it." THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME

"You're giving someone the ability to destroy your heart... but trusting them not to." ALL MY TRUST

"the mere thought of them will just have you in tears because you feel like the luckiest woman in the world." HE DOESN'T REALIZE HOW WONDERFUL OF A MAN HE IS

"You have an argument and tell your girls, but if they cuss him out, you'll tell them to STFU and leave him alone." LOL...TRUE

"You're willing to do anything for them, regardless of cost, time or energy."

"The sound of them sleeping is more beautiful than any orchestra" EVEN W/ HIS SNORING lol

You're willing to sacrifice sleep all night just to stay up and talk to them." IT'S CRAZY...

can any of y'all relate?

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Stephanie said...

Awww thanks for posting this! Reading it back, it cuts me a bit considering recent circumstances, but love is such a beautiful feeling!

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