Sunday, February 7, 2010


so, with the HUGE Superbowl win tonight by the New Orleans Saints, ALL of their fans seem to think that anyone who wasn't WITH them, or wasn't rooting for them, was a HATER...NO SIRS & MA'AMS! Not liking someone/something does NOT equal hating! I mean can't a person not like on someone/something?!  I think that's legal, LoL!  I am a TRUE Dallas Cowboy fan, I BLEED blue & silver, till the day that I die, it TRULY runs through my blood, LoL!  But the thing is, I have NEVER been a Saints fan, never have been, & never will be, I have no reason to be.  I DEFINITELY don't "jump on bandwagons",  seeing as though my Cowboys didn't make it to the Championship.  And then ALL OF SUDDEN, there's this "rivalry" with the Saints & the Cowboys that the Saints fans started out of nowhere, from the December 19th game that was played IN THE DOME, and we WHOOPED up on them, IN THEIR STILL kills them that they haven't gotten that re-match, and they had EVERY excuse in the WORLD when we beat them...but that's a WHOLE other story!  Back to what I was saying, honestly, I didn't know a THING about the Saints before this football season and their fans are SO BRUTAL, I knew a LITTLE something, something about the Colts (black coach, THE Peyton Manning), and in my eyes they were the "Underdog", so I went for them.  Is that SO bad?! Now here's the thing, if I had been rooting FOR the Saints, all would've heard was "Oh so NOW you wanna be a Saints fan?!" "Now you wanna say "Who Dat""?! "Wait, Wait, I thought you didn't like us?!"  So see what I'm saying, you just can't win with them, that's why I don't even bother, LOL!  But I AM a great sport, and I DO congratulate when it's due, so again I say:

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Miss.Fortune said...

lol yes..
it was all kinds of madness on twitter today but who cares..

i was going for the saints because i felt like they deserved to win but i still truly felt like the colts were gonna win (before the game started)

neither were my team so i could care less but i still rooted for the you said, they were the underdogs

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