Monday, February 1, 2010

Beyonce REALLY?

so....The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards came on last night, it had it's ups & downs of course, BUT when I think of The Grammys, I think of over-the-top performances that will BLOW MY MIND!
Well, my girl Bey performed, OF COURSE, and HONESTLY, I REALLY expected something BIGGER.
She came out with the army, had that Janet Jackson "Rhythm Nation" vibe goin' on, and I'm thinkin' she is about to just ROCK IT OUT *blank stare* was OK.  And THEN she sang, "If I Were A Boy" smh!
I mean don't get me wrong, she did REALLY well, BUT it wasn't as exciting as I thought it was going  to be, and that's just MY opinion, y'all know I STILL LOOOOOVE Bey, love her! But I mean I just wanted to state that, LoL!
Oh....LOVED the spiked dress that she work TO PERFORM in though <3


{Jamie} said...

Yeah I wasn't impressed either and did you notice she did a cover of Alanis Morisettes song "You Oughta Know." My personal opinion is that Pink's was the best...girl is crazy talented...that and Lady Gaga of course!

bombsup! said...

Yeah she kind of disappointed me. When she was coming out I'm like Ooh ok she about to kill this, everybody be quiet lol. Then my hopes were crushed. Loved the song but think she should of sang another song for the Grammy's

T-Charry said...

Ms. Jamie....YES GIRL! I SURELY did notice! Off of "Jagged Little Pill" right?! that was my CD! And I NEVER knew Pink was SO talented in SO many ways, WOW!

DEFINITELY should have gone with a MUCH MORE exciting song selection to get EVERYONE on their feet at that Grammys!

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