Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide '09

Can you guys BELIEVE it's TWO WEEKS until Ol' Saint Nick comes sliding down that chimney with his big, red bag FULL of gifts?! CHRISTMAS! I LOVE this time of, friends, stockings over the chimney, sugar cookies, presents, pretty, bright lights, egg nog, cold weather, Christmas trees...ALL OF IT!
So, has everyone finished their Christmas shopping? I bet the #1 answer is "NO!' LoL! It's ok, it's ok, I'm here to save the day...something for EVERYONE, thanks to D MAGAZINE, ALWAYS on their "A" game!

for the "Marilyn Monroe"... I see that "red-bottom"slingback, ALRIGHT!

for the "Rihanna"... those are some BAD A** booties!

for the "Guys Guy"...there go those Tom Tom shoes that EVERYONE talks about
they don't even LOOK like they cost what they do ($54)

for "Miss Popularity"... the Marc Jacobs bangles are ADORABLE!

for the "Extreme Teen"...

for the "Princess"..LIKE ME, lol...those cupcakes look GOOD

for the trendy "Jet-Setter"... I used to ALWAYS give my dad colorful ties (he LOVED them!)


My World said...


MalibuMara said...

this is a cute post!
i gave you something on my blog!

T-Charry said...

i knew you guys would like it =)

And Ms. MalibuMara, I'mma go check out what you have for me in JUST a second, thank you!

Adrienne S. said...

Great gift ideas. I finally bought my first gift today and these picks are giving me more ideas.

T-Charry said...

I need to get on my gift giving like ASAP!
I won't start till next week...PAYDAY, I mean better late than never, LoL!

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