Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Hills Episode 6 RECAP

  • Brody & Kristin talk about if they hooked up like NOW...what would it be like?! Brody jokes about her "divorcing" Justin Bobby first, LoL!
  • Heidi whines about Spencer throwing her a birthday party @ their NEW house
  • Audrina & Lo talk about EVERYTHING, and Lo asks what will Audrina do if Kristin & Justin Bobby are there @ the party, and they're all in the same room?!
  • Justin Bobby & Kristin go on a date...Justin Bobby thinks that Audrina MIGHT try to befriend Kristin
  • Justin Bobby is lookin' MIGHTY clean cut this season, I might add
  • they both agree to ALWAYS tell the truth to each other as well
  • Spencer & Heidi talk about the whole Brody, Kristin, & Justin Bobby, & Audrina thing...saying that maybe Kristin & Audrina should just finally talk
  • Stephanie & Audrina ride to the party together and talk about MAYBE Audrina should tell Kristin about her & Justin Bobby meeting up on the rooftop
  • Jade does NOT come to the party, Kristin & Brody come together
  • Spencer gets Heidi puppies for her birthday IN a Louis V. dog carrying case!
  • Brody tells Audrina about him & Jade having problems, and Audrina says that she thinks that Kristin is not the relationship type girl
  • Kristin & Audrina "talk" and pretty much damn near TEAR each other's heads off, because Audrina tells Kristin about her & Justin Bobby meeting up, and Kristin tells Audrina that Justin Bobby said that she's CLEARLY not over him, it's HILARIOUS! They both don't give a F**K about each other and don't feel the need to even talk anymore, HA!
  • Stacy & Kristin talk he next morning and Kristin thinks Justin Bobby is a TOTAL liar now and Kristin says she's DONE, and she's going to end it with Justin TODAY
  • Stephanie, Lo, & Audrina meet up for lunch and talk about Kristin & Audrina's argument
  • Lo is two-faced to me
  • Kristin & Justin meet up and he wants to hear from HIS mouth what he thinks and what's going on
  • He says he doesn't want all that mess in his life, with Audrina
  • he asks Kristin what is her motive with him, and he hits her with some low blows, and she says she is DONE...wow, that was quick


Adrienne S. said...

Oooh, girl, this is one of my shows. I promised myself I wouldn't watch after Lauren left but I'm Team Audrina and I can't leave her hanging. First off, Brody is ridiculous. Has he even apologized to Audrina for last season? Second, Kristin is ridiculous, Justin is only using her to make Audrina jealous. Audrina will always be his #1 (even if that's not saying much). Third, I hate to say this, but Justin is hot. And yes, Lo is two-faced (but hey, she's just reading the script). And last but not least, Audrina cannot leave this show fast enough. It's beneath her!

Adrienne S. said...

Keep us posted on The City, please. Love Whitney!

Neesh B Fly said...

Lol Yea you should do The City i Like Olivia but umm i watched this an it was good can't wait till next week Jade ass crazy and yeah i must say i like kirsten she have that i dont give a fuck attitude..love the hills

T-Charry said...

#1: yes, this is my SHOW!
#2: Lauren was BLAH to me, she didn't really add much but a talking part...so I wasn't sad that she left
#3: Audrina is a whiner and for some reason, it's just something about her that URKS me, LoL!
#4: I love Brody, but he doesn't know WHAT he wants, I mean MAKE UP YOUR MIND!
#5: i LOVE Kristin, but I am mad that she fell so hard for Justin, that is SO not like her, she is supposed to be harder than that, but she says she done with Justin Bobby, so we'll see. I think her & Brody are going to hook up though.
#6: yes, Justin looks GOOD this season
#7: And I am so glad SOMEONE agrees with me about Lo...she's not fooling me @ all!

I just started watching The City this year and I've been a Hills fan since Laguna Beach, that's why I'm recapping it, but The City, sorry you guys, I'm going to wait until next season....don't hate me =)

#1: I can't believe how Olivia has been actin' these past two episodes, OmG! I liked her at first, but she really is acting evil, OmG!
#2: I wish Erin would SMILE every once in a while, she seems and looks SO evil and she just WAITS for Olivia to fail and I don't like that at all!

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