Saturday, October 17, 2009

TAG! You're It...Yup, YOU!

oooh, ya got me! Yes, I've been tagged...Starrla Monae & Reese (I think these are the only two that tagged me) YA GOT ME! So, now that YOU'VE been tagged, here's what ya gotta do:

The Rules:
1. Open your 1st photo folder
2. Scroll down to the 10th photo
3. Post that photo and story on your blog.
4. Tag 5 or more people

Well, well, well...look who it is! Everyone, I'd like for you to meet my CRAZY, HILARIOUS, younger brother...Cameron! This picture was taken @ Snuffer's, one of the best burger joints in Dallas, in MY opinion. It was my 23rd birthday & see, I like to take pictures, and I was about to snap a picture of him, a natural,candid one, but Cameron, being the goofy brother he is, puts on this fake emotion for the camera that is SUPPOSED to look natural...he is CRAZY, LoL!

Side Note: Snuffers bacon & cheese fries are the BEST!

NOW who's it?!...TAG! YOU'RE IT:

Starrla Monae
Tam (Get It Girl Style)
AF Girls
Tisha Jade (AkA Famous)
Caramel Cocaine



Anonymous said...

thanxs for the tag

Ms. King said...

we don't have a Snuffers around here...

T-Charry said...

Miss're welcome, ANYTIME =)

and Ms. King, oh bless your heart, because that place is sinfully good...oh my!

Anonymous said...

Im takin applications...

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