Saturday, October 17, 2009

Love @ First Sight

I was watching the repeat of The City (I love that show now) on MTV & Olivia went to visit the simply fabulous Rachel Roy for a spread that she had to do for Elle magazine. Well, I'm still trying to find this pink lip ring that Olivia fell in love with by Rachel, but while I was perusing, I found these earrings. The bow-shape, I just about died when I saw them. See when it comes to earrings, I'm really simple, I'm a stud earring type of girl...I wear the HELL out of my diamond solitaires, also because I have sensitive ears, but ANYWAYS, aren't they just too cute?!

pic courtesy of Rachel Roy


ms. downlow said...

Yes! These are too cute, and so are you Beauty!

I was LMAO at your comment. Luv you for leaving me such great feedback and support!!

Stay sane? This is ms. down low, and when I'm in complete control of Kat, there is nothing but sweet insanity (borrowed from Reese) and sarcasm! LOL

Thanks for psyching me up and out...

T-Charry said...

Luv ya too babes...stay IN control, all day, EVERY day ; )

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