Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Hills Episode 2 RECAP

If you didn't know...Kristin Cavallari is the narrator for the shows now

Kristin TRIES to be the bigger woman & she invites Audrina to lunch so that they can talk & put everything out on the table, just straighten everything out...Audrina gets the text, & of course DOESN'T make the lunch date, which pissed me & Kristin off, LoL. She, like all of LC's friends, has the high- school image of Kristin in her head, "boyfriend stealer" "man-eater" & that is working my LAST nerves. Y'ALL ARE GROWN NOW...get off of that s**t & think for yourself! Build a bridge & get over it...cause Kristin sure has!

So anyways...

Stephanie visits Heidi & Spencers NON kid-proof (bachelor pad) home...

Kristin told Lo that Justin Bobby told her that him & Audrina were never EXCLUSIVE, they were never together...GASP!...So REVENGE is in order for Kristin since Audrina stood her up & she decides to "get with" Justin, "you mess with me, I mess with you" OOOOOOH!

Heidi & Spencer's neighbors drop by, with their nephew...EVERYONE is amused by the "cute little adorable boy", BUT SPENCER, & it's HILARIOUS! Heidi offers to baby-sit whenever they need her & she practically shoves that ANNOYING little boy down Spencer's throat, UgH! It's the most AWKWARD & ANNOYING situation/meeting EVER!

and to top it ALL off, the "Good Stuff"..Kristin & Justin Bobby show up @ club Playhouse TOGETHER & Justin Bobby has a baby-face, he cut that "mountain-man" beard ALL off, & he looks 10X better, OmG! In Brody's words, Kristin is "transforming" him! Jade, Brody's Playboy, slutty-looking girlfriend is there; to her friends about Kristin "I can't stand her!" OH SHUT-UP, the two dated in HIGH SCHOOL, my gosh! Kristin gives Justin Bobby a few compliments & what she thinks about him..HE LIKES
Back @ Smashbox Studios,Lo & Audrina are working @ the Vedera Showcase...BORING

Back @ Playhouse, Kristin & Justin Bobby get close on the dance floor, convo goes like this:
KRISTIN: if you f**k with me & my trust, I'll f**k you up!
JUSTIN BOBBY: I'm being honest, you can believe me OR believe what others say, it's whatever
AND THEN IT HAPPENS! Kristin & Justin Bobby kiss, & I'm talkin' about FULL-ON kiss...and EVERYONE sees them, Brody, Jade, her friends, & STEPHANIE (snitch) LoL!


Heidi tests out motherhood by baby-sitting the neighbor's nephew, Enzo is his name (yes, like the shoe, LoL!) & in walks Spencer, who is pissed off might I add, HA! It's pretty much Team Spencer VS. Team Heidi & Enzo...Heidi teases Spencer on the slick, & Spencer's MEAN, NO HEART-HAVIN' A** has NO SHAME & unplugs the Wii WHILE Enzo is playing, I DIED LAUGHING!
Lesson learned here: Spencer wants NO kids, none WHATSOEVER!

Meanwhile, Stephanie & Audrina meet up for lunch, & Stephanie spills the beans about Justin Bobby & Kristin making out OF COURSE, & Audrina's dumbass is STILL trying to convince herself that this is a NEW Justin Bobby...NO sweetie, this is how he ALWAYS was, YOU just tried to change his a**, & that's why y'all are NOT together, damn, WAKE UP! he has not changed ONE BIT!

Last but NOT LEAST...Kristin & Justin Bobby get a bite to eat, talk over some things & figure out WHAT'S NEXT?! They don't care what ANYONE thinks & they just wanna have a"good time"...ALRIIIIIGHT ;-)

Until next episode Ladies & Gents....
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