Tuesday, September 29, 2009

make a STATEMENT ladies

when it comes to jewelry, it can be what MAKES an outfit. It's that LAST piece to put on to "finish a masterpiece". Y'all should know by now, I am all about the Fall, and this season, your jewelry should be the "talk" of an outfit. You have to have a "Statement" piece of jewelry on, because I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to be the "talk" of the town...

Boutros necklace, Aldo $20 (available in gold as well)

Twisted Silver Earrings, Nine West, $25

Rhinestone Magnetic Bracelet, Forever 21, $14.80

Nordstrom Braided Chain Necklace, Nordstrom, $98

Quarrata earrings, ALDO, $18


Bronzed Beauty said...

Great post...I love statement jewelry as well. Especially necklaces and huge cocktail rings!

T-Charry said...

yeah, they're simple but when you wear JUST THAT piece of jewelry...that's ALL you need

italiancharm said...

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