Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The "Dating" Game

a lot going through my mind right now, of course, I mean that's just me, and that's why I BLOG! But anyways, dun! dun! dun! "Dating"! what is it? is it the same as being with a person? Is it sort of a "test trial"? Is it like, friends, but going places alone & doing things, just you two? What exactly is it? Can you date other people? And if you do, is that cheating? Is it allowed? Should the guy or girl get mad IF they find out the other is doing so?

and then there's that "dating EXCLUSIVELY"...ok, so, isn't that the same as a couple? being together? "we are one"? if that's the case, then how about drop the "dating" and just say "we're together, EXCLUSIVELY"! RIGHT?! And like I said above, since the word "dating" is with "EXCLUSIVELY" can you "date" other people since you guys are TOGETHER?! See what I'm talkin' about?! CONFUSION! gosh, SO MUCH involved in this, even my mom had to ask me, LoL!

Mom: So what is dating?

Me: I mean it's like we're together, we talk on the phone, we have an "interest" in each other to hopefully be together, TESTING THE WATERS

Mom: so do you guys have sex, even if y'all aren't together OFFICIALLY? (which is pretty much "friends with benefits")

Me: oh LORD! (I should've known that question was coming though, LoL!)

NOW...how long should you "date" a person before you start "dating EXCLUSIVELY"? And then how long before you guys are just TOGETHER?! AAAAAHHH! I don't have time for all this, LoL! what ever happened to:

"Will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend?"
"Will you go with me?"
CIRCLE "YES" or "NO"...pure, innocent, & to-the-point

like my grandmother says, "Oh FOOT!" lol



ms. downlow said...

Too Funny! I love this post...whenever I have thought this way in the past, it was with one of those relationships that wasn't really a relationship. It was all one sided. I liked him more than he liked me.

Most times the other way around, he wanted me, I did not want him!

Then I met the man of my dreams, and we both felt exactly the same way and said exactly what was on our minds. He asked me to marry him on the third date! Of course, there have been troubles since.

Still, this is so on point! Keep it up, and thanks for following. I'm following u too!!

T-Charry said...

and I feel you on the first thing you said, about one-sided, I HAVE been in that type of relationship, it was like me giving 60% and him giving 40%...but with what I am going through NOW, it's both of us, and HE was the one who came full speed ahead first, LIKE STRONG! I'm just HOPING & PRAYING that we get to a point of TOTAL understanding & a clear path

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