Monday, August 3, 2009

I knew he was a freak, but DAMN!

So...I've heard Trey's new mixtape, "Anticipation", and I LOVE IT! He is a BEAST! And he displays his TRUE FREAK, just lets it out...nothing wrong with that at all, LOL! BUT...what he said in a recent interview, read it on BOSSIP, is BEYOND freak, OMG! lmao...

"This girl threw up on me. She couldn't take the d**k." It happened twice. He cleaned up, had her brush her teeth. "Sometimes you hop back in it. Sometimes she's got to go."

"I like to choke girls right before they cum, but you gotta continue hitting it at a rapid momentum. And I like girls that can take the whole d**k."

WOOOOOW! For real?! I mean he's still fine as hell, but Trey! That is some sick s**t boo, lol! I guess every one's different, that's what he likes, whew!....

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