Friday, July 31, 2009

who are you here to see?!

So, I come home last night, and I'm hoping to just press my little clicker gate remote, and of course that's not what happened. There are 2 cars just sitting at the gate, I mean chillin'! WTF?! My first thought is, "Are y'all serious?!" and then I'm thinking, "How long have y'all just been sitting here like ducks? honestly!" So...I swerve around both cars, click the remote, go through the gate and park in a jiffy. Now, I bring this situation up to say, "Who are you here to see?!" It's like, you knew you were coming to apartments, so there usually is a gate, therefore you need a gate code, OMG! Plan ahead people, THINK! I mean, did you even attempt to call the person that you're here to see? Maybe tell them to come to the gate to open it for you. Maybe you could ask them for the code, I'm sure they know it, cause the leasing agent gives it to them when you sign the lease, cause THEY LIVE HERE! And then I think, "How long have you been sitting here?!" I mean, COME ON! Ok, now if those two cars were residents, then that's even worse! You don't have your clicker, AND you don't know the gate code?! WOOOOOOW! You're killin' me, ya really are. Sometimes, my mean self, I wish the gate would just close behind me and keep they're a**es out, lmao! Anyways, that's my thoughts on THAT, clearly, as you can see, it works my LAST NERVES...thank you and have a GREAT day =)

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