Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's SO Overused...

So, I just got back from Baton Rouge for my New Year's vacay, and I saw all my people and it was just good times. There was a little drama here and there, but none that had anything to do with me, but there's always someone close by that HAS to let their voice be heard, lol! The situation was this, boy TRIED The Dougie, girl said that wasn't it, boy said "I think we have a HATER; you're HATING!" why?! Tell me why! Tell me HOW am I am hater...if something isn't right, if something is just wrong, and not how it's supposed to be and a person says it, that is called stating your opinion, speaking your mind. I don't have to like or agree on what you do or say, you LAME!

It's almost as if a person can't NOT like something, and if you don't like it, or disagree on it, then you are straight out HATER, I can't stand that word, I mean I use it but I don't OVERuse it like ALOT of people that I know. If people liked EVERYTHING and there were no personal opinions, there would be no excitement in the world, no craziness or just different views.

So next time, a person gives their opinion, and it is against what you say or think, it's not HATING, they're not a HATER, they just DON'T LIKE IT; THEY DISAGREE...point blank. Thank you for listening, have a LOVELY day!

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