Saturday, April 6, 2013

2013 Thriller...THE PURGE...Talk About CRAZINESS!

My brother sent this YouTube video to me tonight and when I say my heart was literally racing as I was watching the preview of this Summer thriller, I kid you REALLY was!

This is crazy! A family, barricaded in their home, for twelve hours, like the rest of the World, for a night called The Purge...where people are allowed to commit crimes of any violent manner pretty much, without ANY consequences.  I couldn't even IMAGINE how a night like that would REALLY be SMH.

Well, ANYWAYS, this family, well one of the children, slips up and lets a wandering stranger into their armed home, feeling sorry for him, and they mess up BIG TIME by doing that...cause he was being chased, by some CRAZY people, and those CRAZY people want him back, BAD.  The people after him will stop at NOTHING to get the stranger and they know that NO ONE, not a one policeman, can stop them from harming anyone in their way, and this family has to protect themselves for twelve LONG, LONG hours while their home is being invaded...I have GOT to see this movie y'all!


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