Friday, March 8, 2013


(even though I haven't purchased anything from the site

I DO PLAN TO....I have items Saved and EVERYTHING, just waiting on the moment that I'll REALLY need a dress (one of my favorite things to wear) to show UP and show OUT in *two snaps*
As my best friend says though, "Just buy it! So when something DOES come up, you'll be ready AHEAD of time, and don't have to stress on what to wear."

I always heard people talk about Asos, but I never really thought anything of the global online retailer.  Now, I'm a girl with curves. Ass, hips & thighs.  Just being real.  So when I shop online, I'm a little hesitant because I want CUTE things, fitted things, things that accentuate my curves, which I love.  I mean WHO would want some HUGE, drab, over-sized piece of clothing that does NOTHING for their shape?  NOT ME!

I love Asos because their items are cute, sexy, daring, body-conscious and allow a curvaceous woman to DO HER THING!  As far as the prices are concerned, oh they are just GREATNESS!  Especially their online Outlet prices, up to 70% off.  GREAT deals for GREAT quality clothing. 

I'm a dress freak, I LOVE a cute, flattering dress, so I chose to show you guys and gals a few things that I just can't resist to buy soon and VERY soon!



Juicy Carter said...

Girl, You don't need to order ANYTHING from the curve section of ASOS. They run HUGE. I'm usually a size 14/16 and I can wear their 10/12 in bottoms, dresses and skirts. The only thing I get from the curve side is tops because I have a larger chest.

Stephanie said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ASOS Curve! They are a bit expensive but it's worth it because their clothes are awesome!!!

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