Sunday, October 7, 2012

The REAL Chris Brown...Really?!

So I'm at work, on Twitter of course...don't tell, SSSHHH!
I come across this link for, "The Real Chris Brown"...y'all know I love his cheesin' down, dancin' on his tippy toes, "Run It" ass, so YES I clicked on the link lol
Don't judge me, but I loved the video.  I feel him.  I can relate in a way.
Some people MAY see this as a little fishy seeing as though it "appeared" right after the official break-up of him and Kibbles & Bits, saying that his PR team knows exactly what they're doing, but we ALL know that Chris is a vocal person, in EVERY way, he doesn't hold ANYTHING back, so I think he released this video himself and he just HAD to get this off his chest.
The video was real.  Him in the video with BOTH of his exes though?! Wow.... #truthhurts

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