Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 3 ... 8.18.12 ... The Great 28

After a LONG weekend of fun, fun and more RIDICULOUS fun....Sunday REALLY had to be a "Day of Rest".  Y'all know ME though, food always makes a situation even better!
My brother and my cousin used to ALWAYS talk about this Chinese Dim Sum restaurant called Kirin Court,
 that their friend Allie took them too, I mean they RAVED about it.  So, Ms. Allie finally took us ALL

I mean who WOULDN'T love a restaurant where people walk around with carts FULL of different, bite size treats, you point out what you want, and just like that, it's on your much fun. SUCH good food, OMG!

I couldn't stop eating, and when I tell you that I was as FULL as a TICK...I walked out of that place with MAJOR "itis" lol
My bed called my name when I got home and I SURELY DID answer...a GREAT 3 hour nap lol

you see that yellow looking bun on the left, half-eaten?! That right there is AMAZE BALLS!
It's a BAKED PINEAPPLE haven't had good sweetness, until you've had it!

oh and my GRANDMOTHER'S birthday was August 20th, we celebrated that night for her, had a HUGE Sunday dinner, always fun with my family...



Miss Daja said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GMA! She's beautiful!!!!

Girl I love me some Chinese Food. Mmmmm. And for some reason I am always craving it.

I'm glad to see you're still blogging. I'm back now and it's good to see some people haven't left. Hope all is well..

Sincerely Daja

Reggie said...

Food looked good.

Happy belated birthday.

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