Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 2 ... 8.17.12 ... The Great 28

So....you wanna know how I started the 2nd day of The Great 28?! LoL...
A BRAZILIAN WAX. Knocked it off my Bucket List, I sure did, and BOY am I glad I did it!
That face above, believe it or not, was DURING the session.  Did I flinch?! NOPE.  Did I cry?! Sure didn't.  Did I scream?! NOPE.  So proud of myself.  I DEFINITELY recommend every woman to get it done.  Now, here's my DISCLAIMER:  NO ONE'S tolerance is the same as anyone else's, so....yes I did it with flying colors, but that does NOT mean it will be the same for you.
HINT:  I took 2 shots of rum before going AND was served a glass o wine during...I THINK that helped...ALOT!

Now OF COURSE no birthday or birthday party is complete without getting all dolled up!
The first place I GO and take all my people, to my boo Mr. Stevie at the MAC counter...he's THE BEST!  (sadly I didn't get a head shot of my finished face, I hate that I didn't) ... doesn't my cousin Tiffany look BEAUTIFUL?!

ME! THE BIRTHDAY GIRL! (that damn red eye...it never fails)
My dress provided by Express.  The first time I tried it on, I PROMISE there wasn't that much "boobage" lol.  No push-up bra was involved, I mean nothing changed from the dressing room to putting the dress on that night, so *Kanye shrug* ANYWAYS...
LOVED my Jade green dress, I got ALOT of comments on it, over 6o likes on Instagram!
It was time to get the party started.  I had a section, two couches, all my family and friends, loved ones, so many people we had two, liter bottles of Belvedere, which wasn't my choice of liquor, BUT because I had SO MANY people, this would make the most drinks.  The music started, people started offering to buy the drinks, I knew I was in for a LONG night SMH

The drinks were coming...and they were coming FAST
I couldn't keep up with all the requests to buy me one, it was BANANAS!
I think this is when my body, my system, couldn't keep up with all the "Devil's Juice" I was intaking SMH....LAAAAAWD I hate alcohol lol

and the rest...it's pretty much history, well as far as pictures taken with MY iPhone are concerned.  You know why?! Cause I was in the bathroom praying to the Porcelain Gods, thanks to a DOUBLE shot of Patron AND I THINK two 5 second shots of Belvedere down the throat...HATED IT!
I don't know WHAT I would've done if my people, my girls, weren't there to help me, cause apparently, I was in the bathroom for a GOOD 30 minutes and I DO remember SOME of that, THEN I had to be led out, through the crowded club, looking a HOT mess!
Like everyone keeps saying, "You only turn 28 once..." LoL *sigh*
And you would've though thought that I wouldn't learned from my 27th birthday SMH

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Miss Daja said...

Okay, I have Brazilian Wax on my Bucket List too so I guess I'll have to give it a try since you looked like you were having FUN! LOL. I'll probably scream though. I exaggerate things a little lol

You looked AMAZING for your birthday. Happy belated. Green is definitely your color.

Sincerely Daja

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